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        Service hotline


        Functions and features


        News Dynamic
        Committed to the development of green environmental protection pipeline business, to provide green health protection for more people
        ABOUT US
        Main high-end home decoration PP-R pipe, PE-RT floor heating pipe, PVC-U drainage pipe, electrical casing and other complete series and supporting products
        TubeDoctor piping, the pipeline expert around you
        is an excellent pipe manufacturer specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales. The company operates the "doctor of pipe" brand independently, and its main business covers a full range of home decoration PP-R pipes, PE-RT floor heating pipes, PVC-U drainage pipes, electrical casing and other supporting products. The company has been committed to the research, development and manufacture of pipes, fittings and various plastic molds for many years, and has always kept pace with the international technology and professional management, creating excellent quality and brand. New products are constantly introduced....
        TubeDoctor Products
        For many years committed to pipe fittings and all kinds of plastic mold research, development, manufacturing
        Five free double warranty
        Not only in the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, and agents in the local market sales, promotion to provide a series of planning and assistance

        Free to identify product authenticity

        Free inspection of installation process

        The water pressure test for free

        Free video storage pipeline

        Free to inform security matters

        50 year warranty for installation process

        50 year warranty for product quality
        Distributor Elegant Demeanour
        "Care, environmental protection, integrity, quality" business philosophy and "four win" marketing strategy
        400-8808-985  Service hotline
        Add:118-7, Shenzhen East Road, Huaian Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
        Copyright: Huaian Zhili Pipe Industry Technology Co.,Ltd    Website record No.: Su ICP 2020051280-1
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